Ron was a lead recruiter for Capgemini in the Hosting Group.  He ABSOLUTELY saved our bacon at Textron finding us highly skilled folks to hire with days to fill the positions.  He has since gone back full time to his other enterprises and has started a Fed. Gov. practice with ex brass and generals. 

I am not sure if you have need to leverage recruitment specialists, but if you do, I would HIGHLY recommend Ron both personally and professionally.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays all.



Rich Frank / Capgemini
North America P&C Business Unit
Technology Services – Hosting

“Ron Krönen was able to present me with resumes and interviews of the best SAP CRM mobile experts.  No one else was able to match the quality of his candidates.  I continue to turn to Ron for the best staffing of my SAP mobile projects.”

Lori Mercer 
METTLER TOLEDO Global Services

“What can I say about Ron. He loves his job and it shows. He is by far the best recruiter I have had the chance to speak with. He takes the time to get to know you know and will match you with a great job. I will highly recommend Ron to anyone that will listen.

Celeste Simmons
Sr. Consultant
EntryPoint Consulting

“Ron Krönen is an excellent SAP Recruiter! He understands exactly what we are looking for and provides top notch talent. Ron’s success rate with McKesson YTD is 100%. His hard work has resulted in a hire every single time I engaged him in a search. I highly recommend Ron Krönen for your most difficult SAP recruiting efforts. When I need results and need results fast, I call Ron.”

Thank you for all your hard work,


Marc A. Perkins
Sr. Recruiter

McKesson Corporation
Pharmaceutical Talent Acquisition

“Dear Ron:
We have known and worked with each other over the last 4 years and I can not state enough just how valuable you are when it comes to staffing critical ERP resource needs. You and your staff bring a level of experience, knowledge and skills that significantly reduces the recruiting and retaining time and costs for valuable employees.

Each time I have reached out to you and your staff for critical resource needs, you and your team have never failed to produce at least 2 to 3 very qualified candidates. I have yet to experience a bad hire or non-committed resource that you and your team have provided.

In addition to providing very dedicated and qualified resources, your network of qualified resources and clients is incredible. I plan to utilize you on my next search for that next great position!”

Randall (Randy) S. Spires, PMP | Six Sigma Black Belt
SAP America

“When I am asked to describe Ron, a couple of words come to mind that I feel describe him very well: tenacious, respectful and damn-good recruiter. He has built an impressive career using those three skills to ensure the service he provides each client is at a level far surpassing expectations. I have worked with Ron and continue to work with Ron knowing that I still have much to learn and working with the best will help make me better. He pushes to build the relationship with both the candidate and the client and everyone knows that he is looking out for each person’s best interest.

Ron is very adept at finding the candidate that not only can do the required work, but is also a cultural fit for the company. He knows that it is not worth making a placement just to make a dollar; it is about building
the long term relationships that last throughout a person’s career.”

Matt Hilleary
Recruiting Manager for Deloitte Consulting’s EA SAP Practice

“Ron Krönen brings a unique perspective, a seasoned repertoire, a laser focus on results and the ability to bridge the needs of candidate and employer to a successful conclusion. The work Ron did for me in recruiting upwards of six (6) senior technology specialists over the past two months, was nothing short of miraculous. I have the highest regards for Ron as a person and as a professional and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring his services; especially those with impossible needs with little time for execution. Ron is the master.

With gratitude and respect,

Rich Frank / Capgemini
North America P&C Business Unit

I’d like you to have this testimony from me. Feel free to publish as you wish. I look forward to a continued professional relationship with you. Let’s plan to stay in contact, I’d be glad to assist you in other SAP opportunities. Thanks again for all of your professionalism and hard work.”


Robert “RJ” Parkinson
Author of Basis Administration for SAP

“Ron is one the Top Recruiters in the country, he is always professional and courteous. 

Ron truly has a “heart” for people which I believe is his key to success. His knowledge of the SAP recruiting industry makes him a valuable asset. While working with Ron at IBM, Ron was always able to provide excellent candidates, no skill set was too difficult for him. The most unique thing about him is the late night e-mails or the early morning e-mails. Ron is the epitome of a great recruiter who never sleeps and always give 110%.”

Bernard Burney 
IBM Global Solutions 
Managing Director / SAP Global Recruiting Practice

“I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters during my 13 year tenure as an SAP Basis Consultant – some good, some average, some not so good. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first when I received a call from Ron, indicating an interest in my extensive SAP Basis background. I thought, okay, here we go again – another recruiter trying to convince me that I should be represented only by him, and that he could deliver the exact position I was looking for. I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised at what was to follow.

There was something very different about the way Ron and I began establishing dialogue. For one, when he said he would market me in such a way that would bring my skills to the forefront, he meant it. When he said he would “get back to me” or “call me” at a particular time, he did. He wasn’t just giving me lip service, he followed through – even at times he was on vacation – to ensure that an open channel of communication was always maintained.

This is the first testimonial I have ever written for a recruiter, and for good reason. None have ever come close to the honesty, commitment and hard work that Ron has shown me. He sets the bar for others in this industry to follow. Most will never come close to the high standards that Ron exhibits in his profession. Why, because most don’t get it. Ron gets it. He is not only the man who has placed me on a very successful engagement with Cap Gemini, he has become my friend. Thank you Ron – for not forgetting one of the very most important aspects that you bring to your profession – a very caring, personable and humanistic approach to your clients.


Robert E. Parkinson

“Ron Krönen is like a force of nature in the ERP recruiting space. He is relentless, insightful and a pleasure to work with.”

Josh Harben
Recruiting Director, Capgemini (Ron reported directly to me)

“Ron Krönen worked for me at Lawson Software recruiting for some of the most difficult to fill consulting roles at the company. Ron hit the ground running and never stopped. His determination and creative approaches to finding the “needle in the haystack” candidates proved very successful. Ron collaborated with the managers to find discover barriers to success and never gave up. I would recommend Ron to any organization in need of a dedicated recruitment solution.”

Deborah Insel
Global Recruitment Manager
Lawson Software
St. Paul, MN

“Dear Ron,
I would like to thank you for your great recruiting efforts. You put me in front of 2 great opportunities, first in Capgemini and then in Lawson Software
 During the process, you showed great professionalism and support.  You even worked around the clock and on weekends. You always made yourself available for questions and had solid answers.
In my professional life I was contacted by many recruiters but, I can tell that your outstanding characteristics showed that you are really the top tier in the business.
At the end of the recruiting and hiring process, I had a very smooth and effective transition and started promptly.   
Any time that you need a reference, please let me know and I will be happy to supply it. 
Thank you again for your tremendous help and support, I am happy to say I work for Lawson Software, and it’s a great team environment”

Best Regards,
Jose M Ochoa

“Hello Ron,

I would like to thank you for your exemplary recruiting efforts. During the recruiting process you demonstrated great professionalism and support. I was contacted by many recruiters but your outstanding characteristics showed that you are really the top tier in the business. As a result of your great service the process was smooth and effective without any surprises.   
If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 
Thanks again for your tremendous help, I am excited to join Lawson Software!”

Best Regards, 
Mor Hirsh

“Hello Ron, 
I am sending this note of commendation for your outstanding recruiting efforts in helping me secure a career with Lawson Software. You truly exemplify professionalism in your industry. I was impressed with your proficiency and persistence in rapidly moving the process along with Lawson. Having met several recruiters during my career search, you are by far the best in the business. You are a straightforward, effective communicator who is genuinely interested in preparing the candidates for success at every step and keeping them informed with immediate feedback. I appreciated your efforts in bringing the process from introduction, through qualification and finally to negotiation in less than 30 days. I never asked you how you discovered me for this opportunity, but I’m thrilled that you did. If you ever need a reference, please give me a call.”

Kind regards, David Glogowski

“Dear Ron,

I wanted to personally take this opportunity to let you know what a fantastic job you and your staff did on the in-house training sessions that Kron Technology Solutions (Best 1 Recruiting Methodology seminar) delivered recently.

Your ideas, methodology, and continued support have made an immediate impact on our bottom line.  The internal response from my recruiting staff has been a ray of sunshine in an area that I thought was a lost cause.  I would even go so far as to say that you truly changed the way that our entire office goes through the recruiting process.  The end results are a higher quality consultant delivered to our client in a more timely manner.

I would strongly recommend your training sessions to any search firm in our industry or any direct client that has their own recruiting staff.  In fact, my firm looks forward to booking you and your staff for the next round of training in the fall.

Thank you again for the wonderful training, ideas, materials and continued support.”


Randy M. Baitcher
Vice President
Margin10  Consulting Services, LLC

“Ron Krönen gets the job done and then some! 
From the moment Ron first called me to initiate the interview process to the point I received the offer and even afterwards, he has exceeded all expectations. You can tell in Ron’s voice that he is passionate about his work, really knows his stuff, and is very successful in guiding candidates in search of amazing opportunities. He works aggressively in making arrangements and providing quick feedback throughout the job search process making it more of an experience than a hassle. Well the man works seven days a week! This is beyond me, but he really gets the job done.
Ron, I can’t thank you enough for landing me this fantastic opportunity with Lawson Software!

Matt Johnson
Technical Consultant
Lawson M3 Technology


I want to thank you for all the great work you have done and to share my thoughts with you;

When you first called me (“On a Saturday afternoon, hardly ever heard about in the consulting and staffing industry”) , I said to myself the man seems very enthusiastic and passionate about this position, so I went along and started to follow your instructions on what to do, as the days passed I started to realize that you weren’t only enthusiastic and passionate, but that you didn’t care what day of the week or time it was !!, you where locked in on getting the job done, and not only that but that you actually delivered on your promises, “very rarely heard in this day and age!!”.

Your work truly speaks for itself and I only wished that there where more consulting and staffing agencies as yours, delivering best of the breed consultants to world class companies in outstanding record time.

It has been an honor and pleasure to work with such an amazing individual as yourself.”

Best regards,

Robert Lane
Solution Architect
Wipro Technologies

Mr. Ronald Krönen
Kanbay, a Capgemini company

“To whom it may concern.

This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Ronald Krönen. Mr. Krönen helped me enhance my career by landing me a job with Kanbay Capgemini as a SAP Basis Admin for their client Estee Lauder. He not only performed his duties professionally and honestly as a hiring manager, but also invested time and effort outside of his duties to ensure a solid representation on my behalf towards Kanbay Capgemini.

Thanks a million Ron!”


Amir Mohammad

“To Whom it may concern.

This letter is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Ron Krönen.

I have worked with many recruiters over the years, and hands down Ron is the best one I have ever worked with. He has in-depth knowledge of SAP, is honest, and really delivers.

Throughout the hiring process he was upfront and prompt with me.

Ron’s attention to detail and work ethic set him apart from all recruiters.

I am excited to start at Capgemini, thank you for the great experience.”


Momin Qureshi
Manager (OS FBS)

“Attention of Ron Krönen
Recruitment Manager 
Kanbay Capgemini

Hi Ron,
Just an email to let you know that I really enjoyed working with you in the recruitment process.
You have always responded quickly to any question, this has and made the whole process go nice and smooth.
I must have had more then 50 calls from all kind of recruiters, but very few (if any) as professional as you.
From the moment, you called to see if I was interested in a position you had with Kanbay Capgemini, until I accepted the offer, you have made things happen quick and kept me informed about all the steps in the process, so that I had a good idea of where we were and what to expect.
I must say the whole experience was pleasant and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know.
Kanbay seems all you said it was, and everyone has been very nice and friendly to me. I am looking forward to my first day and the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with them.
Thanks again for all you did.”

Rene Mensink

“To Whom It May Concern,

This note is a letter of recommendation for Ron Krönen of Krön-Technology Solutions.

Mr. Krönen recently recruited me for a SAP Management position within Accenture’s Global Business Solutions group. I did not previously know Ron, nor did I have any referrals as to his business background or character.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Ron to be completely honest and professional in all his dealings. In addition, he was most concerned about providing a value added approach to his customer by ensuring I was an excellent fit for his customer. The result of Ron’s outstanding character and excellent business experience is that he is set apart from other recruiters with whom I have previously dealt.

I would highly recommend Ron to any business acquaintances, friends or customers who are seeking professional placement within the ERP /SAP community.”

Best regards,

Diane MacDonald
Manager, GBS

“Dear Ron,I wish to acknowledge your exceptional performance in providing executive recruiting services to KPMG Consulting LLC ERP Systems practice in the Southeast Region.

You have continually exceeded our preferred recruiter performance criteria in every 
category namely,

  • Developing a Recruiting Plan
  • Developing Job Profile
  • Developing Candidate Requirements
  • Conducting Candidate Search
  • Managing the Interview Process
  • Assisting in providing visionary training curriculums
  • Assisting in Offer and Closure
  • Providing End-to-End Customer Service

We appreciate the efforts put forth by you on our behalf. We are proud to have this 
outstanding relationship. Without your contribution, KPMG Consulting LLC primary
value add to our clients cannot be fulfilled i.e. our peoples skills and knowledge.

We look forward to a long continued relationship with you. Again, thanks for a job well done.”

Very Truly Yours,

Jack N. Best
KPMG Consulting LLC

“This letter is to thank Mr. Ron Krönen for his outstanding effort in supplying our client (Wyeth Ayerst) with a number of competent professionals during Wyeth’s worldwide implementation of the JD Edwards World Software. As one of the Directors on the project with staffing requirements, I found Ron always a pleasure to work with and he has always complied with our needs to supply us with resources of the highest quality.

I feel that Ron’s staffing effort had contributed to the success of this worldwide global project that spanned 3 continents. (North America, Europe and Japan)”


Louis Ianniello 
Director, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


This note is to formally thank you and commend you on the services you have provided in various situations over the past 10 years.  Professional Services recruiting – you should be referred to as an Agent – requires you to understand and communicate about industry verticals and technology platforms equally, and to individuals with various levels of background.  Your placement of me over a three year period in two industries (Ann Taylor for Retail Merchandising & Global One Telecom for Financials and Payroll) demonstrates that versatility.  Equally, your network and access to technology practitioners is outstanding.  Whether I need access to subject matter experts in retail, distribution center management, payroll, or an expert on service oriented architecture, you have always come through for me. I would like to thank you personally for all the hard work you’ve done on my behalf over the years, and tell you that I respect the fact that you have worked to maintain our relationship even though I am not always looking for a new opportunity.  

Good luck on your endeavors…  No one I know works harder!!  
I look forward to seeing you, Lynette and kids again soon.”

Best regards,

Jay Beecham
Enterprise Architect
Architecture & Asset Management Team
IPG IT Business Operations
Hewlett Packard IPG IT Business Operations


Ron from E-Tech asked me if I’d provide feedback to one of his potential clients (TransDimension) and I agreed. Ron filled 3 positions for me over the last 3 months. These were sr. asic design engineer positions (2 full time, 1 consultant). I had 3-4 recruiting firms + our HR department trying to fill these. Ron consistently provided candidates that were at least worth phone interviewing while other agencies would just pass through any resume that had the word ASIC on it. Ron’s tenacity, 24/7 work ethic, filtering capabilities, and ability to find the right rocks to turn over went unmatched. I’d definitely use him again for any future positions.”

Good luck with your recruiting.

Rick Adolf
VP of H/W Engineering
LeapFrog Enterprises